Draft Virtual Meeting timetable – 9/10/22 June 2020

All times in CET (Summertime). Offline discussion can always occur via the slack space:, general announcements made on this site.

  Tuesday 9th June Wednesday 10th June Thursday 11th June
Chair Bruce Edmonds Julia Eberlen Wander Jager
Theme Introductions and identifying key issues Interdisciplinary perspectives of intergroup conflict including the US situation Agenda setting for the coming year
15:00-16:15 Brief introductory talk and plan for the sessions and questions about the plan (15 mins)

Breakout into groups of 5 for introductions I (15 mins)

Breakout into subgroups of 5 for introductions II (15 mins)

Brainstorm of issues/questions for the project and discussion (30 mins)

Introduction to the day (10 mins)

Perspectives – a series of 4: [5 min talk + 10 mins discussion] on the US case

Brainstorm of topics for discussion groups

Brief introductory talk on acculturation dynamics and cultural dimensions (15 min)

Breakout groups (n depending on n of participants) discussing (global) empirical cases (30 mins)

Breakout groups discussing theoretical approaches (30 mins)

16:45-18:00 Mini-talk – Julia Eberlen on social psychological perspective (10 mins)

Mini-talk – Sociological/Cultural perspective (10 mins)

Q&A session (20 mins)

Fishbowl on the key issues and questions that need answering from an interdisciplinary perspective (25 mins)

End of day summary (10 mins)

Breakout into discussion groups on topics suggested (45 mins)

Summary of breakout discussions (15 mins)

Closing discussion (15 mins)

Groups presenting empirical cases + theoretical perspectives (time depending on n of groups) + discussion.

General discussion on input & preparations for the physical workshop

End of day summary (10 mins)


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