Upcoming workshop: Modeling and Measuring Social Cohesion using Methods of Computational Social Science

Mon, 2021 July 12, 14:00 – 17:30 Central European Time

Tue, 2021 July 13,  14:00 – 17:30 Central European Time

The workshop will focus on different ways to conceptualize, define and measure social cohesion. We already drafted three talks including a keynote by James Moody. You find more about the aims and scope in the draft of our event announcement:

The workshop will be conducted via zoom. Some of you already made proposals for contributions. Our idea is that all of you can provide flash talks about the concept and definition of social cohesion you may use in your projects. This should enable us to get a glimpse of the approaches of others and to discuss commonalities and differences. We reserve ample time for discussion.

Please let us know if you can participate and provide us with a title of your contribution ideally by Sun, 6 June 2021.

Please check the dates July 12-13 because we shifted them. You can also participate without a contribution. Later we will also invite the already admitted participants and those reviewed positively in 2020.
The workshop is open for other participants which can register by sending an email to css@bigsss-bremen.de. We will not widely announce the workshop to keep the character informal.

Looking forward to seeing many of you!
Jan Lorenz

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